Getting married in our early thirties means we have both already acquired many of the items that couples usually register for. We consider ourselves truly blessed to have these things and have opted to forego a traditional wedding registry. Instead, we decided to pick a couple of charities and ask that donations are made in our names.

ADRA – Adventist Disaster Relief Agency

American Red Cross


Since a fiber event brought us together, we think it is only fitting that we celebrate our marriage by giving back.

ADRA – Adventist Disaster Relief Agency has a “Share a Sheep” donation option that we have selected.

“Sheep can give a family a boost from poverty through the sale of the highly nutritious milk and the dairy products made from that milk, as well as desirable wool. Sheep often produce multiple lambs per birth, so families can count on nutrition and income from a growing flock for the future.”



Our second charity choice is American Red Cross. Roy is a frequent platelet donor and has a goal of donating monthly to help the cause.



Our Zola Registry