Our Story

Met…………… May 29, 2012

We first laid eyes on each other in April of 2012 at a handweaving conference. Gynna had been gifted a tool that Roy’s family’s company had made before either of us was born, and it needed a new part. She also decided to grab another smaller, wooden tool. Now, not all pieces of wood are created equal, so when Roy’s company brands their logo on their tools, not every brand looks the same. Being a perfectionist, Gynna wanted the one with the best-looking brand, despite Roy’s insistence that they all function the same. After looking through the entire stack several times, Gynna picked out the one with the best brand and was on her way. Roy distinctly remembers thinking there was something wrong with that chick.

Over the next few years, we saw each other at a handful of spinning and weaving shows. After a show in June of 2014, Roy finally decided it was time to see Gynna more than just a few days a year. With no phone number, email, or other way to contact her, he turned to Facebook.  The unique spelling of her name made Gynna easy to find so he sent her a message and waited on bated breath for her response. And waited. And waited. And waited.

What Roy didn’t know is that Gynna likes her privacy and doesn’t get Fb messages from people she doesn’t know. While he was waiting for a response that never came, Gynna’s friends were teasing her about Roy, saying that they were going to send him a letter to tell him all about how amazing she is. Gynna told them he was probably married, because all the nice guys were!

First Date…….October 9, 2014

Three months later, we saw each other at yet another show. Roy met Gynna’s trademark smile with a scowl. When she said, “Hi, friend,” he explained that if they were friends she would have replied to his message. Blushing, she pulled out her phone, found his message, and explained that her privacy settings had blocked it. We talked throughout the weekend, then exchanged numbers and haven’t stopped talking since. We both knew after talking for a few hours that there was definitely something between us. When you know, you know!

Things are getting serious now…. June 2015

In Summer of 2015 we decided to take our relationship to the next level. For most couples, that means getting a dog or moving in together. For the couple that meets through spinning and weaving, it meant getting sheep. Bruce and Rachel are our 100 pound bundles of joy that each give us 5 pounds of fleece a year.

¬†Things are getting really, really serious now………September 28, 2016

The week before our two year anniversary, Roy popped the question in his backyard, under the arbor where we’ll get married. With our sheep baa-ing a few feet away, he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring he made of titanium and Koa wood – grown on the Big Island where Gynna’s family is from and she was born. With his brother in law hiding in the shadows for pictures, he said, “You are my everything, will you be my always?”