Will you be my always?

Gynna arrived at Roy’s place for dinner and sent her normal “Here!” text message.

Roy’s responding text was immediate, “Finally! Come Quick! Back yard by the arbor.”

Gynna – I didn’t really think anything was up, my first thought was the fox is in the yard! Walking to the back yard, I saw Roy and he was looking at the sheep pen, watching something. When I got to him, he kissed me, then spun me around and got down on one knee!

I got down on one knee

Roy – Well, I got down on one knee and said, “Gynna RoseAnn Bumanglag, you are my everything. Will you be my always?”

Gynna – Of course, I said, “Yes!!!”

Roy placed the ring on Gynna’s finger. He made it out of Koa wood from the Big Island of Hawaii!

The ring is made from Koa wood!